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Echo Doctor in Hadapsar - Dr. Jagjeet Deshmukh.

An electrocardiogram is a simple, painless test that tests the electrical activity of your heart. It’s known as an ECG or an EKG, too. Each heartbeat is triggered by an electrical signal that begins at the top of your heart and travels to the bottom.  Heart conditions also impact the heart’s electrical activity. Dr. Jagjeet Deshmukh is a well-known echo doctor in Hadapsar. Being a expert echo doctor in Hadapsar Dr. Jagjeet Deshmukh provides the most cutting-edge echo treatment.

How Should I Prepare?

To get yourself ready, you can do some things:

  • Stop oily or greasy skin creams and lotions on the day of the test, since they will protect the electrodes from coming into contact with your skin.
  • As electrodes must be mounted directly on your thighs, avoid full-length hosiery.
  • To put the leads on your chest, wear a shirt you can easily remove.
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Echo doctor in Hadapsar - Dr. Jagjeet Deshmukh

What Happens During an Electrocardiogram?

10 electrodes with adhesive pads will be applied to the skin of your chest, arms, and legs by a technician. You can need to get your chest hair shaved to allow for a better link if you’re a male.

You’ll lie flat during the test while a computer produces an image of the electrical impulses that pass through your heart on graph paper. This is called a “resting” EKG, but when you exercise, the same test can be used to check your heart.

Attaching the electrodes and completing the test takes about 10 minutes, but the actual recording takes just a few seconds.

Your echo doctor will keep your EKG patterns on file and equate them with the tests you will get in the future.