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[rt_accordion_style accordion_style=”three” accordion_color=”#02646f”][rt_accordion_style_item accordion_item_title=”WHAT IS A CARDIOLOGIST?”]Cardiologists are physicians who, using diagnostics and medicine, treat the heart and its diseases. They do not perform surgical operations, unlike heart surgeons. They see both routine and complex cases of cardiac disease and heart disorders in patients.[/rt_accordion_style_item][rt_accordion_style_item accordion_item_title=”Can I be helped if I already had Heart bypass surgery?”]

  • Embolic Protection Sometimes blockages have bypassed arteries. A special filter can be used by our BWH doctors to prevent tiny pieces of the blockages from breaking off within the vessel. In the bypassed artery, a stent may then be placed.
    High-Risk Angioplasty Most of our doctors specializes in providing patients with other treatment options, such as high-risk angioplasty. Patients should not be candidates for surgery often. Our cardiac doctors also work closely with cardiac surgeons and vascular surgeons who work in the Heart Catheterization Clinic. This combined effort brings more care options to patients.

[/rt_accordion_style_item][rt_accordion_style_item accordion_item_title=”What is Heart Failure?”]Heart failure occurs when, with each beat, the heart muscle has weakened and does not pump out enough blood or the heart muscle has become rigid. Your heart has lost its ability to relax and does not fill up with blood entirely.[/rt_accordion_style_item][rt_accordion_style_item accordion_item_title=”WHAT IS AN INTERVENTIONAL CARDIOLOGIST?”]Interventional cardiologists are trained in cardiology and then continue in interventional cardiology for further study. Instead of conventional surgery, this additional training helps them to perform minimally invasive procedures requiring minor incisions and catheters. These tests are used to diagnose and treat diseases such as coronary artery disease, congenital heart disease, endocarditis, peripheral artery disease, and heart valve disorders.[/rt_accordion_style_item][rt_accordion_style_item accordion_item_title=”WHAT IS A CARDIOTHORACIC SURGEON?”]Cardiothoracic surgeons are heart surgeons in the field of the heart and lungs who perform surgery. In complex, life-saving procedures and cardiac treatment, cardiothoracic surgeons have extensive experience, including advanced, specialized procedures such as robotic and video-assisted pulmonary surgery, minimally invasive mitral valve repair, and complex neonatal repairs.[/rt_accordion_style_item][/rt_accordion_style]