Heart Doctor in Hadapsar

Dr. Jagjeet Deshmukh is a famous heart doctor in Hadapsar. The implantation of a small electronic device that is normally inserted in the chest (just below the collarbone) to help manage slow electrical problems with the heart is a pacemaker insertion. To ensure that the heartbeat does not slow to a dangerously low rate, a pacemaker might be recommended.

Via the wires, the pulse generator sends electrical impulses to your heart. The pacing rate is called the rate at which the electrical impulses are sent out.

On-demand, almost all modern pacemakers work. This means that, in response to the needs of your body, they can be programmed to change the discharge rate. It sends signals at a steady rate if the pacemaker detects that the heart has missed a beat or is beating too slowly.

If it detects that the heart is naturally beating on its own, it sends no signals. There is a special sensor in most pacemakers that recognizes body movement or the breathing rate. Pacemaker implantation is related to heart surgery. Dr. Jagjeet Deshmukh is the best heart doctor in Hadapsar. He has a successful record for pacemaker implantation.


Heart doctor in Hadapsar - Dr. Jagjeet Deshmukh
Heart doctor in Hadapsar - Dr. Jagjeet Deshmukh


It is typically a very secure procedure with a low chance of complications to get a pacemaker implanted.

The main problem is the failure of the ability of the pacemaker to regulate the pulse, either because it malfunctions or because the wire shifts out of the correct location.

It’s also possible to reprogram the pacemaker using wireless signals to repair a malfunction.

But if the pacemaker moves out of place, further surgery can be required.